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Executive Action has created a new way to get knowledge as you go, inspiring executives & entrepreneurs into action that accelerates their results, saves time and makes their ambitions come alive.

Executive Action is dedicated to saving you time, and getting you the results you need in your business.

Executive Action’s sophisticated range of coaching, programmes and tools will allow you to:
Launch and revitalise your services to SPEED up sales.
Save yourself HOURS of work.
Get RESULTS fast!
Build business QUICKLY.

Everything is easy-to-use and will give you the power to achieve faster sales and more responsive marketing. We offer an outstanding range of templates, with prompts, tips and cutting-edge techniques that make learning a piece of cake!

Start today! Be inspired to take SERIOUS action
with innovative, fresh ideas, that could potentially change the way you
approach sales and marketing in your company FOREVER!

Meet Jeremy Locke
Jeremy Locke
Executive Action Founder

A father of three super-charged boys and a computer science graduate of Durham University in 1994, Jeremy’s inability to program computers but absolute ability to talk about them, and just about anything else, naturally led him into marketing. In 2009, after 15 years’ leading many successful and high impact marketing initiatives for everyone else (FTSE100s, 250s, small businesses and start-ups in a heap of mainstream and inexplicably obscure markets) and equipped with the latest thinking and techniques from inspirational marketers in the US and UK, Jeremy is now creating a new breed of action-publishing for individuals with drive and ambition.

“I have three simple ambitions – to find the things in life that make it easier and less repetitive, bring this information to you in a way you can use more quickly, and inspire you to act to make your ambitions come alive.”