“Jeremy’s input was essential to the successful launch of the Peopletoo brand. Being new to this kind of thing, Jeremy worked with me taking the core values of the business and shaping them into a something that truly represented what we as an organisation wanted to portray. He was challenging and continually made me think outside of the box.

I am really pleased with the output which is succinct, representative and a brand that we all feel proud of.”

Maggie Kenney, Peopletoo

“Jeremy’s ability to cut straight to the nub of a marketing challenge and rapidly produce the means to overcome it is first class. He rationalizes an often much over complicated process which is liberating in itself but also leaves you with the skills and mindset to apply it successfully and repeatedly going forward.”

Jason Carter

“Jeremy was engaged to support the re-birth of a business struggling to shake off reputational issues and seeking to project clarity around its place in its chosen markets. Jeremy delivered the required outcomes in record time by utilising his excellent people skills to extract information, his expert and creative marketing skills to design the concept and his boundless energy in getting the job done. I had no hesitation in recommending Jeremy and is someone I will always look to call on when in need of the best marketing talent.”

Jason Fahy

“Jeremy brought a level of professionalism and quality to the Marketing role coupled with a level of knowledge and passion that we had not previously had, and more importantly he somewhat un-characteristically bridged the gap between marketing and sales which showed in real results in sales success. The energy and enthusiasm together with his personal drive and commitment rubbed off on the whole team. His friendly personality made it a pleasure to work with him and he was sorely missed when he moved on.”

Andy Parker, Divisional Finance Director, Capita

“Jeremy is one of the few people that understands how to present and market business services in a way that directly generate sales. He is commercially minded and recognises that a lot of money can disappear into marketing with no discernible link through to the company’s P&L. Jeremy is particularly gifted at cutting through the operations and sales chaff and getting the important and compelling reasons for clients to buy or don’t buy. He is great at getting the business adopt and execute sales plans to generate new income. Jeremy has boundless energy, knows his stuff and is a consummate professional.”

Dermot Joyce, Executive Director, Capita Group Plc

“Jeremy is a passionate and inspirational marketeer. Keen to maximise his input and with a thirst for knowledge which he then moulds and shapes into pragmatic solutions.

He brings a rare combination of creative flair combined with an analytical mind to business opportunities adding significant intrinsic value in the process.

An energetic and highly committed colleague who I was privileged to have worked alongside within the Capita Insurance Business Leadership Team through a period of significant growth and transformation.”

Norrie Erwin, Development Director, Capita Insurance

“Jeremy is one of the few Strategic Marketing and Branding executives in London who actually can match a firm’s growth strategy with the right marketing campaign and branding messages for the market.

Jeremy provides a CEO or Divisional CEO with the marketing tools and messages to meet the growth demands of the business. I would not hesitate in hiring his services.”

Tomas Romero, Partner, Finance & Accounting Europe Practice Leader, Wipro Consulting Services

“Jeremy is an amazing guy full of intensity and enthusiasm, full-bodied personality and decent character that you aspire to being able to claim you know well. A committed creative business individual that sees national big picture with the same vision and clarity as he see minutiae.

His friendly approachable communication style makes him more-ish in the way of the best marketeers aim to generate. I recommend him heartily as a self-fulfilling prophecy, that you will want more of the guy once encountered. Tell me I’m wrong – I challenge you. bfg”

Barney Gormley, Executive Recruitment Consultant, BFG Recruitment Services

“I learned a lot from Jeremy’s distinctive approach to proposition, proposal and brand development which definitely helps an organisation to identify and capitalise on its strengths! He is a commercially savvy marketeer and a must for clients who seek to invigorate their current market position or break in to new sectors. Jeremy thinks strategically whilst having high attention to detail. He is able to get to the crux of the matter quickly, combining sound industry knowledge, strong marketing focus and commercial acumen to drive sales aligned to business outcomes. Importantly this high impact, thought provoking approach to sales has given numerous organisations the tools to raise their profile and engage at, previously inaccessible, Executive levels.

“Jeremy will give his all to a project to ensure he delivers results. His marketing approach is focused on the bottom line and he will work quickly with key stakeholders to get to the answer.”

Diane Cunningham, Head of Marketing, Commercial Services Division, Capita Group plc

“Jeremy is very good at providing intelligent insight and ideas for business development. His creativity and hard work definitely improved the quality of our solutions and our communications with clients and prospects.”

Richard Sheridan, Client Relationship Manager, Capita

“Jeremy is one of the best marketing and communications people I have had the opportunity to work with. He is clear sighted with strong visioning skills, cuts through the fluff and comes forward with sound considered ideas and executes them. He is also simply a great person to work with.”

Sheila Beck, Account Director – Emerging Sectors, osi

“I am absolutely delighted to have this opportunity to recommend Jeremy to all. He is a senior executive with the highest credentials and a proven track record of success.

Hugely innovative and commercially astute, his influence on the various parts of our business was absolutely first rate. In terms of focus he is without equal and his energy and workethic is unerring. Coming into an established business full of big personalities and big egos, Jeremy manouvered himself superbly well and rapidly became a hit with all of his fellow Board members. Time and time again he proved himself to be invaluable providing incisive input and a well grounded common sense approach to almost everything. He had much to sell and everyone (everyone) wanted to buy.

Jeremy is a true professional with a great personality. He is approachable and supportive of everyone – rare these days. A great guy, a talented guy with a positive outlook on life and how to do business. On a very personal level, he provided me with the ‘perfect’ level of support when both the business and I needed it.

I really enjoyed working with Jeremy and wish him every success”

Martin Cymbal, Director Business Services, Northgate Information Solutions

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